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Meet Your Dental Team

Patient Coordinators:

  • Amy graduated from UNC dental assisting program before joining Goodall Family Dentistry in the fall of 2015.  She is great at helping making your dental dreams a reality by assisting your with financial arrangements.  We except Mastercard, Visa, Discover and third party CareCredit to assist you with your dental needs!  In her spare time Amy enjoys attending concerts and hanging out with friends and family.


  • Tanya is a Certified Dental Assistant and Chef from Maryland and joined our team in the spring of 2016.  She welcomes our patients with a smile and pleasant demeanor.  She will be the one that calls you to make appointments for you and your family.  When dental questions arise she can help with that too!  At home she has two rescued animals one is a three legged dog named Booggie and the other is a cat named Zeek.  She loves cook for friends and family and traveling with her husband!

Patient Advocate:

  • Brenda

Hygiene Team:

  •  April 


Beryal.jpg Beryal has been with Goodall Family Denististry since 2013.  She was a dental assistant before retrning to college to become a hygienist.      She is married to a wonderful husband and has one daughter and two step-sons. 






Denise joined our team in 2014.  She began her dental career as an office manager in 1989. The dental office became her home away from home and she decided to apply  for Dental Hygiene School in 1992. Denise graduated from Middlesex College in New Jersey in 1995. Helping others is her passion and making  someone’s day is her goal.  Denise moved to North Carolina in 2013 and started as a patient and fell in love with Goodall Family Dentistry.  Denise has a passion for nutrition and helping others beyond the dental chair. She is active with life coaching and nutritional guidance. She  has three awesome kids and a supportive husband. Her family time is important and they all enjoy baseball (GO YANKEES), the beach,  walking and enjoying grilling on the patio.





Jaclyn is our hygiene assistant. She moved to North Carolina with her miniature golden doodle, Sharlett, two years ago from Michigan and began her work in dental assisting.  Jaclyn studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned her degree in dental assisting.  A lover of both traveling and sports, she maintains constant excitement both inside and outside of the office.  She was an avid figure skater of 12 years and has visited places such as the Caribbean and states all across America.  Before taking the position of hygiene assisting, Jaclyn worked as a nanny for three years and is great with kids.  You can always find Jaclyn with a smile on her face and ready to help anyone in any way that she can.





Clinical Assistant Team:

Maria has been with Goodall Family Dentistry since 2014.  She is married and has one daugther. 



Regina earned her degree in dental assisting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was also her class president.  She moved to North Carolina in 1998 and has been working in the dental field since 2013. Regina is a proud mother of two daughters as well as a grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren.  She is also an owner of two Yorkshire Terriers. Her main goal in the dental field is to give back the liberating feeling of a healthy smile and to make significant change in other’s daily lives.  When Regina is not with her family or saving teeth, you can find her under water, scuba diving.  She also has a background in military and law enforcement, giving her a worldly edge.  Regina always knows how to handle any situation and brings a sense of calmness and togetherness to the team and to Goodall Family Dentistry. 

Jojo's Pedo Clinical Assistant:

Amber has been a dental assistant at Goodall Family Dentistry since 2011 and  returned to college in the fall of 2016 to become a dental hygienist.  In the office she mainly works in Jo Jo’s, the kid’s room, and makes the dental experience fun for children.  Being a mom of a beautiful two year old daughter and a newlywed to her husband, Robbie, she surly keeps busy outside of the office.  Amber is a lover of all things purple and she is easily picked out of the crowd by her purple attire and her excitable attitude.  Amber and her family spend their free time at the park and having cookouts with their friends and family.  Sand castles on the beach and adventurous trips to mountains make for her ideal relaxing vacation.  Amber brings knowledge, perspective, and optimism to the office. 

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