May 06, 2024
Common Question for a Kids Dentist: When Should My Child Stop Using a Pacifier?
Goodall Family Dentistry

While the majority of parents are actively involved in regular doctor visits for their children to ensure they are healthy and growing as they should, often parents aren’t aware that taking their children to a kids dentist early is also important. It might seem odd to start even before teeth emerge, but there are many benefits involved, including catching issues early when they can be more easily resolved. One issue that parents who do take their child to a kids dentist often bring up is the subject of pacifier use.

Most dentists will explain that while pacifiers are an ideal way to comfort a newborn due to their instinctive need to nurse, there is a need to discontinue its use in a timely manner. Prolonged use can result in dental concerns, such as an open bite, overjet, or narrowing of the palate. If you discontinue the pacifier at an appropriate time, if any of these issues have begun, they can self-correct and your child’s oral growth and development will not suffer long-lasting damage.

Here at Goodall Family Dentistry in Cary, North Carolina, we treat patients of all ages and will provide personalized services based on your family’s situation. As a dedicated kids dentist, we can advise you as to what is going on with your child’s oral health and discuss when pacifier use should be discontinued. Let’s get your child off to a great start for a lifetime of great oral health and a beautiful smile!

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