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Laser Dentistry in Cary, North Carolina

Laser Dentistry

There are very few industries these days that haven’t seen significant advances in recent years, and here at Goodall Family Dentistry, we are committed to bringing our patients in the Cary, North Carolina area the latest technologies in dental care. We are especially excited to be involved in laser dentistry and to offer this minimally invasive option for a variety of dental concerns.

Laser Dentistry in Cary, North Carolina

We are excited to be able to offer laser dentistry solutions for our patients.

CO2 Laser- This advanced laser technology enables surgeries with minimal bleeding, leading to less discomfort, swelling, and pain after the procedure. It's especially effective for soft tissue surgeries because its precise wavelengths are smaller than the tiny blood vessels in the mouth. The CO2 laser can cut and seal tissue simultaneously. We often use this laser for performing frenectomies on tongue-tied infants, children, and adults, eliminating the need for stitches.

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection- The key to reducing tooth loss from decay is finding the cavities as early as possible. Visual detection and even x-rays are no match for the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system. This 655 nm diode laser allows us to locate tooth decay when it is small or inaccessible to standard diagnostic methods. By catching decay at its earliest stage, the resolution is a far less invasive task. This device also alerts us to damaged enamel that has the potential for the formation of a cavity in the future, so it can be addressed before that happens.

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