May 06, 2024
Choose the Perfect Dentist for Your Family with These Tips! [infographic]
Goodall Family Dentistry

Dental care is an important part of your overall health. When you visit the dentist regularly and consistently, you can prevent much costlier and more problematic oral and health issues. Here at Goodall Family Dentistry, we want to help create a lifetime of good oral health by offering some tips to find the perfect dentist for your family. Consider some of the following tips:

Find a dentist who grows with your family -When children visit the dentist early and regularly, they are less likely to experience dental anxiety later on. Finding a dentist who will see your whole family is convenient and allows for continuity of care.

Ask around for referrals - Check with friends, family or coworkers if you are new to the area for a dentist they would recommend. Do some research of your own as well to narrow down your choices.

Check references and background of potential dentists -When you are researching potential dentists, check for ratings and other information. Research the qualifications of your dentist to ensure they can help with any specialized dental concerns.

Factor in convenience -  Making dental visits convenient makes it more likely you will keep regular appointments. Factor in the convenience of location and scheduling ease of your dentist when making your selection.

Choose a dentist who sees children early - Children should start seeing a dentist early, at least by age 2. While the first dental visit will be mostly about education and familiarizing the child with dental care, it is important to start young.

Appointments should be easy to make - When it’s easy to make and keep your appointments, it is easier to go to the dentist. Appointments should be easy to obtain in a variety of ways.

Don’t forget about emergency care options -  While we don’t like to think about it, emergency dentistry is something that we may all need at some point. Ask your dentist what their policy is in cases of emergency to ensure you’ll have assistance when you need it.

We hope that these tips were helpful in finding the perfect dentist for your family. For more questions, please contact our team today!

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