May 06, 2024
Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted With Invisalign®
Goodall Family Dentistry

Are you embarrassed to smile and show your pearly whites because they are crooked? If so, you are not alone. Many people hide their teeth when they smile, because they do not want everyone to see their crooked teeth. You could always consider getting braces, but many adults are hesitant to go this route, fearing it will negatively affect their appearance. You have probably wished there was a way to straighten your teeth without the hassle and inconvenience of braces. Well, you are in luck, because there is a great product available called Invisalign®.

Invisalign® is wonderful because it will straighten your teeth without braces. But how does this work? It might seem too good to be true, but it is not! Invisalign® has designed a way to straighten your teeth with a series of plastic trays that fit over your teeth. They are completely clear, so many people will never even be able to tell that you are wearing them. You will visit the dentist and have impressions taken of your teeth. They will then make the trays based on those impressions. The trays will move your teeth over time, and then you will go back to the dentist for new trays. You wear them while you are sleeping and any time you are not eating. The more you wear them, the more effective they are. They work quickly, and you get great results without the hassle or embarrassment of traditional metal braces.

If you have questions about Invisalign® or if you are wondering if Invisalign® is right for you, contact us today at Goodall Family Dentistry. We offer Invisalign® to our patients, and we can walk you through every step of the process. We can help you get the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of.

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