May 06, 2024
How Does an Oral Cancer Screening like OralID® work?
Goodall Family Dentistry

When you go to the dentist, you are probably just looking to get your teeth cleaned and find out if you have any cavities. However, did you know that your trips to the dentist can also test for more serious oral health conditions, such as oral cancer? Just like you would want to start screening for other types of cancer at a certain age, oral cancer screening is something that you will want to start sooner than later and continue on a regular basis in order to maintain a good level of oral health. Some dentists are using a specialized piece of technology known as OralID®, which makes oral cancer screening easy and painless. How does this work for your next visit? Let’s explain.

Oral cancer is often overlooked. Usually seen as a red or white patch inside the mouth, it can be easy to miss until there is a significant growth. Rather than relying on patient reporting, the oral cancer screening with OralID® can be done in conjunction with your regular dental visit here at Goodall Family Dentistry. OralID® is a small, flashlight-like device that emits a blue light at a narrow wavelength that causes cancer cells to react, usually with an unmistakable glow. This luminescence is a sign of cells that need further examination and enables your dentist to screen for oral cancer more easily and with more accuracy.

OralID® is just one way to screen for oral cancer. You should always notify your dentist if you notice anything new, changing or different in your mouth like sores, spots, lumps or other differences. If you have questions about oral cancer, oral cancer screening, or the OralID® device, please contact us here at Goodall Family Dentistry in the Cary, North Carolina area today.

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