May 06, 2024
Is Invisalign the Best Choice for Your Teen?
Goodall Family Dentistry

Do you remember a time when you had to wear metal braces on your teeth for months or years to help straighten your teeth? For some of us, that experience was like a right of passage in our childhood! If you have children who are at the right age for braces, but you don’t necessarily want them to have the same experience you did, there is another option… Invisalign!

Invisalign is a preferred teeth-straightening method for teens for a number of reasons.

Better Comfort – One of the first things many of us remember about metal braces is how they made our teeth and gums sore. Invisalign is a much more comfortable way to straighten teeth because the liners are molded to the exact shape of your teen’s mouth.

Increased Safety – Do you have an active teen? Metal braces can pose some problems when it comes to safety while playing sports or interacting with friends. Invisalign eliminates this issue so teens can enjoy their normal activities without worry.

Easier Hygiene – Cleaning in between the brackets and wires of metal braces can be troublesome! With Invisalign, dental hygiene is much easier because the liners can simply be removed and cleaned, and your child’s teeth are easier to clean as well.

Faster Results – Many Invisalign treatments can be completed within one year, which means your teen can have a beautiful set of pearly whites in no time!

At Goodall Family Dentistry, we know that Invisalign may not work for everyone, but we are happy to discuss this option with you as you approach the time when your teen needs options for straighter teeth. Contact us today to learn more about our family dentistry practice and the Invisalign process.

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