May 06, 2024
It’s Been Years Since My Last Dentist Appointment…What’s Changed?
Goodall Family Dentistry

Unfortunately, many people who have a strong aversion to going to the dentist will wait years in between their dentist appointments. If that sounds familiar, you aren’t alone! Luckily, there have been some incredible changes in the dentistry profession that make each dentist appointment more comfortable and accessible for people of all ages. Here are some changes that may help you make that next dentist appointment a priority:

Sedation Dentistry - If you are someone who had a bad experience with a previous dental appointment or you have tooth problems that seem too overwhelming to fix, sedation dentistry may be just the thing for you. Sedation dentistry takes away some of the anxiety that can be associated with the dentist’s chair, allowing them to work on your teeth while you remain comfortable and pain-free.

Invisalign -  If you have crooked teeth that have always given you problems, your next dentist appointment may include a consultation about Invisalign. There’s no need for metal braces or long, painful procedures to make your teeth look their best. Invisalign is a comfortable, fast, and effective way to straighten teeth.

Laser Dentistry -  Laser dentistry has changed the dental industry for good because it allows your dentist to treat minor issues quickly and easily. At your next dentist appointment, you can talk with your dentist about different options for dental care, so you have your best and brightest smile.

When you choose Goodall Family Dentistry, you’ll see that we take special care that all of our patients are comfortable no matter how long it has been since their last appointment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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