May 06, 2024
Save Time in the Chair for General Dentistry with the FirstFit Guided Dentistry System!
Goodall Family Dentistry

If you are hesitant to visit the dentist, you are certainly not alone. Many patients are not just apprehensive about their care, they also don’t feel confident in their smile. Here at Goodall Family Dentistry, we want all our patients to feel confident and comfortable in their smiles! We have investigated and are thrilled to announce that we will be using the new and revolutionary technology of FirstFit. This guided prosthetics delivery system is a new technology that utilizes guides, digital imaging, and 3D printing to help dentists prepare and set veneers, bridges and even crowns, all in a single visit.

Reduced chair time is just one of the things you can look forward to with FirstFit. Another advantage of the FirstFit Guided Dentistry System is that it saves both the patient and the dentist loads of time. Rather than placing temporary crowns or bridges, the dentist can have a new guide and new bridge or crown during the same appointment. This is great news for busy patients who do not want to take time out of their workdays for separate appointments — and it is beneficial to busy dentists as well who are trying to help their patients with general dentistry.

In addition to saving time, the FirstFit Guided Dentistry System makes the most of the existing structure of your tooth. With other options, your tooth structure can be greatly diminished to the point where grafting is necessary, but not with FirstFit. Instead, you are able to retain a lot of your healthy tooth structure while still getting the beautiful smile you want.

Here at Goodall Family Dentistry, we want to help with all your general dentistry needs as well as your other needs. Let us know if you have questions about this technology today. We have also included some videos to help further explain this technology.

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