May 06, 2024
Top Benefits of Choosing Invisalign
Goodall Family Dentistry

Fixing crooked teeth is one of the most common cosmetic updates people invest in for themselves. The most common solution to this issue is braces. But what if you could solve your crooked teeth without the inconvenience of braces? Invisalign can make that possible. Here are the top benefits of choosing Invisalign:

Invisible – Unlike braces, Invisalign is hardly noticeable. With the use of clear trays, you don’t have to deal with noticeable metal braces along your mouth.

Eat What you Want – When you use braces, you are typically restricted from eating certain foods such as popcorn, gum, and anything sticky to ensure nothing gets stuck in your braces. With Invisalign, you can take out your clear trays and eat whatever you like without the fear of damaging your teeth in the process.

Time – Braces can take several years to straighten your teeth. With Invisalign, most cases take only about a year and a half to give you the straight teeth you’ve always wanted. Investing in Invisalign not only saves you the inconvenience of having braces, but you will also have straighter teeth quicker.

Fewer Trips to the Dentist  Braces requires several trips to the orthodontist. Invisalign however, requires less maintenance. This is because Invisalign only needs to be maintained / adjusted about every 6 weeks.

We hope this guide has helped you recognize all the benefits of choosing Invisalign over braces. If you have any questions regarding Invisalign and the services we provide, please contact us at Goodall Family Dentistry today.

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