May 06, 2024
Why You Should Have Regularly Scheduled Teeth Cleaning Appointments
Goodall Family Dentistry

As a kid, you never had to worry about scheduling your dental appointments and making sure your teeth were cleaned regularly because your parents did all that. Now, however, it is your responsibility to make sure your teeth continue to be in great shape. A good teeth cleaning plays a really big role in the health of your teeth. Here are a few reasons why regular teeth cleaning appointments are important.

Prevent Gum Disease - A sign of gum disease (gingivitis) is your gums becoming inflamed and bleeding. This is caused by plaque build-up around your teeth and can be quite painful.

Prevent Diabetes Having serious gum disease can make it difficult for you to control your glucose levels, potentially leading to diabetes. If you are already struggling with diabetes, you may be more prone to gum disease. Having your teeth cleaned will remove plaque and tartar build-up and the bacteria that can lead to gum disease.

Catch Oral Cancer Early Oral cancer can sneak up on you, and without frequent cleanings, you could detect it too late. Scheduling regular teeth cleaning appointments will keep you up to date with your oral health.

Have Whiter Teeth Having your teeth regularly cleaned can keep them looking great. You can get stains and yellowing plaque removed during your cleaning and be left with a whiter smile.

As you can see, having regular teeth cleaning appointments will help you in more ways than just keeping your smile looking good. Call us today at Goodall Family Dentistry and let us help you start taking care of your oral health.

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