May 06, 2024
Your Child May Appreciate Seeing a Female Dentist; Here’s Why
Goodall Family Dentistry

If you’ve been trying to determine which dental office you like best for yourself and your family, you may not have considered whether the dentist is a male or female. After all, most dentists have the qualifications and certifications needed to provide expert care and ensure that your family receives excellent dental services. What you might find interesting is that choosing a dental office with a female dentist could be important in the way your children experience their dental visits.

Lessen Anxiety – When you’re seeing a female dentist, it’s likely that you’ll feel more at ease as you sit in the dentist chair. This is especially important for children as they are becoming accustomed to having routine dental care. Making sure that they don’t feel anxiety during a visit could come down to choosing a female dentist.

Comfortable Approach – Female dentists often take a more conservative approach to dental care. That means when your child needs a specific service, a female dentist is going to try to do everything possible to help your child achieve their best smile without immediately jumping to the most intensive method.

Preventative Approach – Another reason to choose a female dentist is because of their preventative approach, which could save you money when it comes to your child’s dental care. They’ll work with you to make sure you spend less time in the dental chair while maintaining your child’s best possible dental care routine.

At Goodall Family Dentistry, we are ready to help you with all your family dentistry needs. Contact us today to book your first appointment with our female dentists, Dr. Goodall, Dr. Lin, and Dr. Jacobs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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